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I have always been drawn to Botswana and have been lucky enough to travel there several times over the last 30 odd years.
I fell in love with Africa from the first time I went on my first overland camping trip all those years ago.
Botswana has called me back time and time again. What a stunning country this is!
People are always asking me what I like about Africa. It somehow draws you in and leave an impression in your heart. Botswana in particular does this.
I guess it really is a combination of things: the animals are without doubt amazing; the people are warm and friendly; the scenery is spectacular and being outdoors amongst nature is a joy.


The Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana is known as the “jewel” of the Kalahari is the largest inland delta in the world and is known for its superb wildlife.

Being on safari you really do get up close to the wildlife. Remaining seated and quiet from your safari vehicle you can watch a pride lion dozing, or a mother Elephant nudging her baby along to keep up with the herd or following in the vehicle a lone cheetah walking through the bush

It is all such a wonderful experience

The safari guides have such warm hearts and big smiles.   It is important to be with the right safari company to get these guides though. The best guides are highly trained and know how to treat their guests for their special trip of a lifetime. The best guides are   sort after by the best safari companies.

I remember asking George what bird this was and of course he said it is the Lilac Crested Roller on page XXX of the  500 and something- page book on birds of Botswana ! Impressive!

There is an abundance of birdlife found in the Okavango and with over 380 species found in parts of the Delta so some camps are a haven for bird enthusiasts.


One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had, has been the privilege of walking with Sylvester the Cheetah at Victoria Falls. The hour and a half walking in the wild to the gorge was something that I will never forget. He did run off for a while chasing something, but after about 10 minutes he returned   to his guides , but this excitement reminded me we were in the wild !

I’ve stayed at numerous camps over the years and I have come to realise that the location of these is incredibly important. Location Location location !

I don’t have a favourite because they are all different. But here are a few that have left an impression on me during my visits:

Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp is set in a private concession of 7,000 hectares in the centre of the Okavango Delta.   The staff here are exceptional with their knowledge and going out of their way, for me this is a camp to remember .

Little Vumbura Camp is situated on an island in a private concession in the northern part of the Okavango. It is a beautiful six-roomed tented camp shaded by the canopy of an ancient Okavango Delta forest. I loved the intimate feel here and the amazing wildlife close at hand.

Kings Pool Camp is in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, a vast private concession in the northern part of Botswana and overlooks the Linyanti River. The accommodation here is luxurious, the wildlife spectacular!

Abu camp sure did leave an impression on me. It’s one of Africa’s most luxurious camps. Safaris at Abu camp take places amongst a herd of elephants where you can ride or walk with the elephants. It’s an up close   and unique experience at Abu Camp.

I would love everyone to experience Botswana and fall in love as I have  !

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