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“We decided to change a couple of things Geoff was happy to make changes. We also have a specific budget and Geoff was aware of this and found the best deals possible. Great advice with passports too.”
House of Travel Remuera
29 November 2018
“Awesome customer service from Helen (Jackson) who took great care in organising our flights with reminders on visas, preflight follow up as well as welcome back! Very impressive.”
House of Travel Remuera
16 October 2018
“Cat is a very professional and knowable travel consultant. She has worked with us previously with our travel plans and was so helpful then, I had no hesitation in asking her to organize this latest trip to Sydney”
House of Travel Remuera
24 October 2018
“Kellie Walker really did a fantastic job. Particularly given that it was all done last minute! She provided great advice and was so patient with all our questions and changes that we requested along the way. Thanks Kellie for your help!”
House of Travel Remuera
16 November 2018
“Christine’s attention and promptness in relation to my bookings was extremely professional.  Will definitely use her services again and gave already recommended Christine and House of Travel to friends.  Thanks very much.”
House of Travel Remuera
16 November 2018
“Helen (Moffitt) looked at my specific needs for attending a conference and requirements in limitation of time. Offered several options to give me the best value.”
House of Travel Remuera
20 November 2018

On Sale

Deals are great, they save you money (of course) BUT they are sometimes fraught with danger if you try to book it all yourself to save even more money.  The things we see are people going to the wrong place, booking the wrong time (or both), spelling their names wrong, missing important details in the fineprint, making mistakes with connections, transport to accommodation etc.  Get us to help.  Talk to us. CALL US, because it’s amazing how often travelers end up in a serious bind trying to save money when calling us could avoid it all.  It will take less time with us, it will be less stressful, you will have peace of mind, and STILL save money.

Different airlines have different little quirks that most people are not aware of.  It’s important to know these quirks, so CALL US.  Ask for our help because we can help you choose a cheap option and still be OK.  Things like seat only, luggage, choosing your seat, plane layout, stop overs, meals, going into and leaving from certain countries, schedule changes, all increase or decrease your comfort and enjoyment.  Get us to help you navigate through all that, and STILL save you time and money.  We see all those cheap flights on our system too!


Call House of Travel Remuera now on 09 524 4112


Experts take less time and do it better, in every profession.  Planning holidays is the same.  Talk to people who ‘at best’ have been there themselves, or ‘at worst’, booked holidays, tours and adventures for other people and talked to them afterwards and learned the dos and don’ts of virtually every place you’re thinking of visiting.  Planning your vacation so it runs smoothly means; co-ordinating flights to match your activities (not always easy and the cost to move them if you get it wrong booking by yourself can be massive), arranging extra accommodation nights to tie in with flights and activities, informing you of details at the destinations (simple things like an international drivers licence).  Do you see potential for anything to go wrong if you try to do it yourself?  CALL US.  It just makes more sense.

Cruises can be a minefield.  There are sooo many options, and all those options matter.  People booking by themselves try to understand all the options but have no idea what it can lead to.  Don’t take the risk.  Call us.  Different cruise companies operate in totally different ways with many things.  People get advice from friends who went on one cruise line, only to find that advice has no relevance on the cruise line they ended up going with while thinking it would be the same.  The cabin position, cabin type and which choice best suits what you will like, while matching your budget vary MASSIVELY between each cruise line.  CALL US. Ask for our help.  It takes less time, you will still get your savings, and avoid things that will reduce your comfort and enjoyment.


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The Biggest MYTH about Travel Agents?

They cost more than booking online.

Travel Agents often have access to wholesale fares which the public can’t access.  We can also build an airfare by piecing together flights on different airlines to create one through ticket.  Third party websites aren’t set up to help you.  When you pay us as a retail travel agency you are paying for the service, help and assistance we provide you from making your booking to whilst you are away overseas.  If you forget to add something, make a mistake, need to make a change or have experienced a delay and you have booked online you could be on hold for hours to a mass call centre trying to deal with it.  We deal with those issues and suppliers for you.

Case Study

A client departing for Japan the next day wanted to buy a Rail Pass.  Japan Rail Passes are only available for purchase outside of Japan and a physical ticket is required.  One of our team members drove to the wholesaler to collect the clients Japan Rail Passes to ensure they were available for them that day and weren’t lost by courier.

About Us

We are Auckland based travel agents and here at House of Travel Remuera we promise to listen to you.  We will provide you with expert travel planning & booking services around the world including flights, tours, cruises and tailor-made trips.


Provide memorable travel experiences

This means considering why you are traveling whether it is due to bereavement or a holiday to mark a special occasion and then tailoring how we can help you.
Whether that be saving your time by researching options for you or recommending amazing and memorable events to arranging mobility assistance through an airport we want to make your holiday special for you.


Offer products with integrity

We will listen to you, consider your needs and wishes, then work out and recommend the BEST option for you.  Of course, we don’t always hit the nail on the head the first time and will happily provide alternative options for you to choose from.


Providing first rate customer service at all stages of the sales process … before, during and after.

This means a timely response when you contact us, providing all the information you need to know up front in an easy to understand format, making recommendations for products and rates to suit your situation and budget.  We prioritise keeping you safe by providing travel advice and insurance cover to protect your assets and spend. We cover all aspects of travel including visa information and we keep in touch before, during and after your travel.

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Our store has been a Remuera fixture since the 80’s and we love being part of a local community. The wealth of experience and knowledge in our store is vast and we work hard as a team to maintain our reputation as a quality service provider. The variety of personalities and interests throughout our team (ex-teachers, a ski instructor, dental assistant, parents, animal lovers, tennis players and fashionista) creates a diverse and fun environment for us and you.

Cat Parker

Cat Parker

Senior Travel Consultant

After realising the grass was a greener shade of purple on this side of the fence I joined House of Travel Remuera in April 2018.  As it turns out the colour purple suits me better than any shade of red, teal or a tea trolley for that matter and I’m loving being here!

Helen J

Helen Jackson

Senior Travel Consultant

Originally from the UK, through a love of skiing, I have worked around the world in Canada, Japan, Austria and Italy. I enjoy getting outdoors for adventures, immersing myself in different cultures, and have also travelled extensively in Europe.

Helen M

Helen Moffitt

Senior Travel Consultant

After a six year OE I changed careers from teaching to travel … and that was back in 1995! I love to get off the beaten track as well as visiting the must-see places.



Senior Travel Consultant (Part time)

Having travelled extensively, I enjoy the luxury side of travel but also rough it to enjoy more authentic experiences. Favourites include hiking up an active volcano in Guatemala, experiencing spectacular Machu Pichhu and the sand dunes of Namibia.



Senior Adventure Travel Consultant

I’ve been in the industry over 30 years and have a massive passion for travel, especially to the more exotic destinations.  I am lucky to have experienced many styles of travel, from independent travel, to tailor-made luxury camps in Africa, to overland group tours, most recently in Sri Lanka.  I love sharing my knowledge and planning special holidays for other travellers.  I feel very privileged to have been awarded House of Travel Top Consultant for numerous years, including number one consultant for House of Travel nationwide in 2016.




I have been in the industry for 20 years and joined House of Travel Remuera 9 years ago.  As Director I am pleased to lead a team of passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic agents who will provide you with an informative and engaging service.

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Can I check my luggage through to my final destination?

Generally yes, if you are booked on a through ticket (even if changing airlines) with a partner/alliance airline your bags can be checked through to your final destination. There are exceptions dependant on a multitude of factors including airline, airport, local immigration requirements, length of stay etc.

NB: If traveling to the USA you will need to collect your luggage and clear customs at your first point of entry into the country.
If traveling onwards within the USA and you are on a through ticket you can then collect your onwards boarding pass and re-check your luggage at the transfer counter.
If traveling onwards within the USA and you are on a separate ticket you will need to exit the airport to check in for your next flight.

What is a “through” ticket?

A series of flights (can be on different airlines) or journey that have the same ticket number.

If I am only transiting in the USA and traveling on to another country do I need to collect my luggage and clear customs?

No: If you are booked on one through ticket and are passing straight through.
Yes: If you are booked on separate tickets or are stopping over.

What payment options have I got?

We have various payment methods available however, where merchant fees are imposed these are passed on.

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheque
  • Visa – 2.5% merchant fee
  • Mastercard – 2.5% merchant fee
  • AMEX – 3% merchant fee
  • GEM Visa – 2.5 % merchant fee
  • Q Card – 2.5 % merchant fee

NB: Various GEM Visa and Q Card interest free contracts are available and often give you up to 16 months interest free with delayed payments.  Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

Do I need my passport to book flights?

No, but the name on your ticket must match your passport exactly.

I’m not sure how to read my first, middle and last name on passport?

Look at the barcode on the bottom of the information page in your passport.
You will see your names listed there, normally in the order of surname, first name, middle name/s.  Each name type is separated by >> for clarity.

How much validity is required on my NZ passport?

That depends on where you are going and for how long.
You can book flights without a current passport however, the name must match your passport exactly.
Most countries require 6 months validity from the date you return to NZ.
Most countries in Europe require 3 months validity from the date you return to NZ.
A few countries require only enough validity to cover your duration of time away.

When do I need to check in for my flight?

For international flights we recommend checking in 3 hours before departure.
For domestic flights we recommend checking in 1 hour before departure.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight prior to travel?

Yes, reconfirm your flights to check there haven’t been any last minute schedule changes.  The best place to reconfirm your flight is the “departure board” of the airport you are flying out of which are normally found online.
Auckland Airport Flight Info: https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/flights

Do I need a visa if traveling on an NZ passport?

Depending on what country you are visiting and whether you are stopping will determine whether you need a visa.  It is your responsibility to check with the applicable embassy or consulate whether the destinations or transit points of your journey require a visa however, your travel agent can assist you with general information.
This is a list of the most popular visa’s or authorisations required prior to travel on a NZ passport:

  • USA – Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (Visa Waiver) required
  • Canada – Electronic Travel Authorization required
  • Vietnam – Visa or Invitation letter required
  • India – E-visa required
  • Sri Lanka – Electronic Travel Authorisation required
  • China – Visa required
What can go wrong if I book connecting flights separately?

Should there be any schedule changes, cancellations etc on one of the tickets making amendments required on another ticket standard amendment or cancellation fees will apply.

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